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Seti Kanya, Nepal

Seti Kanya is a four hours drive by 4x4 off-road vehicle from the district headquarters Khanbari. It’s a large village with a population of 1400; the majority of whom are Sherpas, a Tibet-Burman ethnic minority group famed for their mountaineering abilities. The residents are extremely poor and the majority of them have never learned to read.

Adults either make a living through subsistence farming or by traveling to the Gulf States where they are exploited as cheap labour. The village has been neglected by public officials and educational development projects. The nearest school was over two hours walk away and is an underperforming government school. Because of this, most children did not go to school and instead stayed at home to work on the fields. Consequently, 66% of children in this community did not go to school, creating an urgent and unmet need to provide education for this community which UWS Seti Kanya is now doing.

Date Built: 2020
Students Attending: 87 - 47 Boys, 40 Girls

School Photo Gallery

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