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Fundraising Resources

As with any philanthropic partnership dedicated to helping others, making people in your community aware of those we wish to help is the first step. When students who have studied the United Nations’ SDGs, grasped the challenges of the world’s Out-of-School-Children, and seen the impact United World Schools has on improving lives, a true partnership can begin. 


Over 100 UWS Partner Schools worldwide have raised funds year-after-year to allow UWS to build and operate schools where no schools existed before. The Fundraising Resources help students understand the power funding has in the regions where we work. Using entrepreneurial ideas sparked by our Fundraising Toolkits, students plan and initiate creative ways to support the work of UWS. 

After downloading Fundraising Resources for your students, please explore other lesson plans and case studies.

Bryanston School climbing wall fundraiser.jpeg

Bryanston School, Dorset, UK - Climbing fundraiser

Global Citizenship

How can my school fundraise for a UWS School? Fifth graders at ISY participate in a classic, the ice bucket challenge

Downloadable Fundraising Resources



Funds a free education for one child for one full school year


Purchases a Classroom Library


Funds a free education for 10 children for one full school year


Trains and employs a new teacher from the community for a school year


Funds the operation of a 

community school for one year


Builds a new school in a community for the first time. (Costs vary by school size)

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