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Annual School Family Day in Mong Lone Village

On the 28th of January 2023, annual school family day was held in Mong Lone Village in Mong Hsat Township. All the students from nearby villages came to attend the event. Children from different tribes such as Shan, Akha, lahu and Mong presented their cultural performance at the event.

Another remarkable event was the awards ceremony for the outstanding students in the 2022 academic year. The event aimed to emerge outstanding next generation youths for the nation and to become versatile students. The aim of students gathering is to create comfortable, safe and predictable environments where students can have fun and get to know one another while also enhancing their academic learning. To achieve that aim, students need to know what to expect at a gathering. Students gathering will lead for the student’s unity. Unity inspires patriotic fervor and makes students better human beings. Unity can be seen in almost every aspect of life.

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