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50 Schools Milestone in Nepal

Updated: Apr 19, 2023

50 Schools Milestone!

In March 2022, UWS Nepal completed the construction of the UWS Malarani school marking the 50 schools benchmark of UWS Nepal.

UWS Malarani is located in the mountainous region of the Gulmi district. Magar, Gurung and Tamang indigenous communities account for around 70% of the village’s population. Malarani is a closely-knit community whose “collaboration and support showcased during the construction phase are commendable.” Manjeet Raj Pandey, UWS Global Advisor for Building and Construction.

As per the baseline data, Malarani has 69 children of primary education age, and 27 children are overage for primary school, among which 48 and 13 are out-of-school children, respectively. Poor road access to other schools and lack of a primary school in the village meant that either a child walked to faraway schools, moved away or did not participate in education.

Seeing UWS Hile, a UWS school nearby, and how it transformed the access to quality education in Hile, the Malarani villagers became keen to open a UWS school in their community. And that is how the school came into existence.

UWS Malarani has 8 classrooms constructed for grades ECD through 5 and a library. It also has disabled and gender-friendly sanitation facilities constructed to maintain school sanitation. The education team expects to enrol around 70 students in the first cohort.

Let us take this moment to appreciate the different members across UWS Nepal and Global teams who have made it possible for us to reach this “50 School Milestone!”

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