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SOGIESC Project in Cambodia

Updated: Jun 1, 2023

In June, UWS Cambodia was selected to take part in the Cambodian Centre of Human Rights (CCHR) Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity, Expression and Sexual Characteristics (SOGIESC) project.

After UWS delivered SOGIESC awareness raising sessions across four UWS primary schools and the government secondary school that UWS Oyadav Dormitory students attend, 12 students from the dormitory worked together to create an awareness-raising video.

Over the next week, the video will be played to students at the dormitory, four UWS primary schools and a government secondary school. The video aims to improve students and teachers awareness and respect for and understanding of LGBTQI+ rights in Cambodia.

The video is being adapted to the enter the Child Rights Coalition Cambodia (CRC-Cambodia) ‘SOGIESC Champion Challenge’. CRC-Cambodia is an alliance of 65+ National and International Civil Societies members, including UWS, working to promote children’s rights.

UWS will be competing with 10 other organisations taking part in the challenge. The winner will be announced at the CRC Annual Conference in February 2023 which is attended by 65+ CRC-Cambodia members and the winning video will be shared with the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights.

Update (as of April 2023): UWS is awarded 1st winner in child rights promotion including children with diverse SOGIESC rights. See blog post here.

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