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Faby, Father


Faby, Father

My name is Faby (name changed), Marinah's father and I live here in Ankotapike. I work as a sugar cane farmer to make local rum but I am also a fisherman. When the seasonal opening time for crab fishing comes, I also go out to catch crabs. I do all these jobs. What I noticed after the school was built is that the children have made a lot of progress in their studies because when my children come home from school, I always check their notebooks. And I notice that they have improved their writing in the notebooks. Before, when there was no school, the teachers hardly did their job because they were always absent. But now with this new building, the pupils are learning every day at school and they are acquiring much more knowledge. What I have noticed as a change in the community is that all the villagers have come together to send all their children to school and now the children are motivated to go. My daughter has always studied here in the village. I have seen a great improvement in my daughter because now she is at the top of the class in the last exam. She has improved a lot thanks to the construction of this beautiful school. Before, she was not motivated to go to school at all because the school was very bad and she was made of straw, but now she goes without even being told to go to school early. I have three children and they are all enrolled in this school. What motivates me to send my children to school is that now it is education that is the greatest legacy. I too was a good student when I was at school but I dropped out very quickly because I made a mistake in my choices to go and herd zebus and also to go fishing. And I don't want my children to be like me and go to school every day and get diplomas so they can have a good job in the future. And also to help me when I'm old. That's what motivates me to send them to school and never give up.

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