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Faline, Mother


Faline, Mother

My name is Faline (name changed) and I am the mother of Vonjy. I live at Ambalafary which is a hamlet in Ankindranoke. I am really happy to have this new school, like all the other parents here. It makes me cheerful , I have never seen that, UWS paying the school fees. Students received smocks, pens, notebooks, various kits, and a school canteen. We, parents, don’t have much to do, UWS already takes care of our children. So we really encourage them to enjoy studying.

I am not the type of person who participates in community life, but I see that the school is making a difference in our community.

Although the school is far from our home, I encourage the children to go. I accompany them to the village before returning, primarily to ensure their safety because there may be cars on the road, but also to make sure they don't go somewhere else.

It is my responsibility as a mother and I will always do it. For example, I have noticed that my son has become wise since he started school.

He knows the rules of manners, he makes an effort in his studies, I have confidence in my son. Sometimes I look at his notebook and he writes things that make me proud.

I also see that teachers correct the homework and there is a good result so I always tell my Vonjy to keep it up.

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