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Jaory, Teacher


Jaory, Teacher

My name is Jaory (name changed), I started working as a teacher in 2015 in Bevohitse, then from 2016 to 2022 in Ambohibao until the opening of the school in Beangolo. I am responsible for the grade 3 class with 31 students. Pelake is a very intelligent student, she understands more easily what we explain to her and she is the first student in our class, although she finds writing a little more difficult. She is a very motivated, diligent and calm student. During class, she is very attentive.

What I have noticed about the existence of this school is that the landscape of the village has already changed because it is a large building that stands out as soon as you enter the village. The community is proud to have it. I also notice that the parents are very motivated to send their children to school. In fact, it is not only the community of Beangolo that sends their children to this school, but also the neighboring villages.

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