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Kha, Student


Kha, Student

Kha* lives in Tropang Thmor village in Ratanakiri province with her 5 siblings and parents. Kha has been studying at UWS Samaki Veal Cha O Kves school since 2016 and is in Grade 5. Kha has faced difficulties in the past to attend school regularly. Although Kha’s mother was supportive of her education, her father did not want Kha to attend school. Kha’s mother got sick in 2019 so her father had to work hard to support the family with housework and generating an income. The family lost a lot of their income whilst Kha’s mother was sick and their life became increasingly hard. Kha’s father wanted her to stay at home to help with housework and on the farm. As a result of their difficult family situation, Kha stopped attending school regularly. She was motivated to go to school to achieve her dream of becoming a doctor but it was not possible due to her family's situation.  

The teachers at UWS Samaki school noticed Kha’s school attendance decreased so they met the School Support Committee (SSC) to discuss how they can work with Kha’s parents to improve her attendance. The teachers and SSC met with Kha’s parents many times, to encourage her father to see the value of education and to support Kha’s education. They told her father about Kha’s future dream of becoming a doctor to help her parents when they are sick, as she expects they will struggle with their health due to the hard situation they are in. Her parents appreciated hearing Kha's future dream for the first time. After some time and many meetings with her parents, Kha’s father finally agreed to let Kha attend school regularly. Kha’s teacher continues to meet with Kha’s father when he picks her up from school to encourage his long term support of her education.

They worked day-by-day and they still did not get enough money to support the family. I do not want them to live in a poor situation. I wish I have a family with a good job, high income and I will send my children to attend school like other people’ 

‘I am really happy when I get educated by teachers about the value of education. I also was happy when SSC leaders and school teachers went to meet my parents and educated them. They are now allowing me to attend school as normal’ - Kha

I am so poor. So it was not easy to support family members. If she stayed at home, I could work for money. Additionally, [sending Kha to school] wastes time and money. I thought she should stay at home, do house work, look after mother, animals and plant vegetables’ - Kha’s Father

‘Kha is smart, ambitious and caring. She has enormous potential and drive to prove what a girl can be’ - Kha’s teacher

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