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Kim Sorn, Student


Kim Sorn, Student

Kim Sorn (pseudonym) is 13 years old and is studying in grade 6. He is an outstanding student in school.

Now, he is living with his father who is a farmer. Kim is very happy to be learning in UWS school. He is a person who loves to learn anything new, and making friends with other people. His father always teaches him to be a good student, good person, and a good citizen in society. He always tries to study hard in school and self-study at home.

“Khmer is the subject I love the most, because it’s the national literature. Otherwise, it’s easier than other subjects.” said Kim Sorn.

Before school, he helps his father doing housework such as carrying water, washing the dishes, cooking, cleaning the house.

“I try to study hard. I’d like to become a police officer. I wanna earn a lot of money to help my father, my nation, my village. I really love UWS school. UWS school provides me with knowledge, educates me to be a good student, good child. I promise that I will continue my studies in primary school.” said Kim Sorn.

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