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Pranisha, Student


Pranisha, Student

Pranisha (name changed) is one of the bright students studying in grade four at UWS Jaisithok in Gulmi district. She lives with her brother, sisters, uncle, aunt, and cousins. It has been a month since her mother left the village and moved to Bhairahawa for work.

Pranisha’s sisters study in grade 6 and grade 8. Pranisha is usually busy with household chores and makes time for her studies after finishing the housework. She helps her sisters cook meals, feed the cattle, clean, and with other household chores in the morning and after school. “I like playing with my friends; however, I don’t have the time to play because of housework,” she shares.

She was identified as an at-risk student by UWS Nepal’s team as she was about to leave her studies and move to Bhairahawa with her mother. Through the various interventions, the team was able to retain her and convince her family to continue her studies. After the home visits and uniform and stationery distribution, she continued attending school. The holiday classes and tuition classes have significantly helped improve her performance in school, according to her teachers.

Pranisha, however, dislikes some of the villagers who drink alcohol and create disturbances in the community, mostly during the night. “I want to study hard and become a teacher in the future because I want to educate society and teach children.” She is happy that UWS built a school in her village and loves going to school. “I believe that if I study well and learn how to do maths, then I will be able to become a good teacher in the future,” she says.

Her sisters and mother motivate her every day to study hard. Apart from studying, she likes to dance. “I also want to become a dancer in the future because people tell me that I am good at dancing,” she says. 

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