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Rizmae, Teacher


Rizmae, Teacher

I am Rizmae (name changed), I teach G1 class at EPP in Ankindranoke. Vonjy is in my class, he is a wise boy who is very curious to learn. Before that, he never went to school. So he is rather old for a G1 student but that doesn't stop him from wanting to learn and participate. When I ask questions and he already knows the answer, he lets his classmates answer first, and only raises his finger when the others do not find the right answer. I would repeat, he is a wise boy who can go far.

I would like to thank UWS for this new school because it has really made a difference. The parents are enthusiastic about sending their children to study, we have up to 300+ children in the village. There are also the training courses provided by UWS which have helped me a lot. I know that I have improved, I have a better understanding of pedagogy especially when I use the training elements during my classes. The students are really receptive, and I hope that there will be a continuity of all this to be able to help my students as much as possible because I know that I still have many gaps.

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