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Rochom Beb, Teacher


Rochom Beb, Teacher

My name is Rochom Beb, I am 42 years old. I was born at Chrung Village, Ratanakiri. I have been a community teacher since 2017.​ Besides to be a community teacher, I also do farming to raise up my family. I’ve been married since 1997 and I have 4 children, 2 sons and 2 daughters. Due to poor living conditions, my first child dropped out from school and helped me to find money for his younger sisters and brothers to continue their studies. My 2nd child is studying in grade 12, the 3rd one is studying in grade 11 and the last one is studying in grade 8.

I was feeling very wonderful to be a community teacher at Chrung School. Because I can share my knowledge and help students in the community. I share the advantages of sending the children to school with the parents. Everything goes according to our plan, and all children go to school with their smiles. They are very happy to be in school. They can read different kinds of story books, study games like Lego, Duplo… and especially they can play any sport with their friends in the school ground.

At last, the people in community and I would like to thanks to UWS to build the lovely school in Chrung Village. UWS helps our children to get knowledge, to be a good child, and good people in community. And all children wish that they can be able to continue to study at secondary and high school in the future. We are very proud of UWS.

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