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Vonjy, Student


Vonjy, Student

My name is Vonjy (name changed), I am 14 years old. I am a student of the EPP in Ankindranoke, grade 1. I study to become more intelligent so that neither my friends nor people can manipulate me. I would like to learn how to speak French and discover cities. I will make every effort to achieve these goals. My favorite subject is French. Nowadays, there are many tourists coming here and there are many opportunities for people who have studied. I want to be like them so that I am not laughed at and not the only ignorant person here.

I really love school in Ankindranike. Our teachers never hit us even if we chat. Some students take advantage of this, others remain quiet. I love it, there are no restrictions, you never get a pinch. Instead of hitting, teachers only call for order. They give instructions and explain what to do, or not to do as in maths : take this and put it in order. They also correct mistakes that are made. (Rizmae, Vonjy's Teacher) (Faline, Vonjy's Mother)

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