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The Schools of UWS: Cambodia, Madagascar, Myanmar and Nepal

We builds schools where no schools exist in extremely remote communities that have asked for our help. Though the buildings, terrain, flora and fauna may look different than where you live, the people here are kids and teachers and moms and dads just like everywhere else. 


Getting building materials supplies and people to these remote communities is no easy task. When traveling on sometimes  treacherous, unpaved roads, creativity and a lot of help from neighbors is needed. Watch the short videos below to see just how challenging it is to get to some of our schools.


We would like to share some images and information about our United World Schools in remote regions of Cambodia, Nepal, Myanmar, and Madagascar to show how building schools and washing stations in these countries is improving the lives of so many young students, and their families through education.


Please take a moment to learn more, and share with your students to create awareness, instill compassion, and help us fundraise for a good cause to build more schools, and change lives in a positive way.

Cambodia - Teacher - Ed officers 2017-20DSC_0028.jpeg

Teacher working with students in Cambodia

The Challenges of Building in Remote Regions

Obstacles of mud roads or no roads have not stopped UWS from continuing to support the 270 schools they have built since 2008

Helping Hands in Eastern Nepal
Muddy Road in Nepal
River Crossing in Koh Kong, Cambodia
From Trail to River, Cambodia
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