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Tuxedo Park School, Tuxedo Park, NY

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Fundraising Activities: Seed Sale, Hike-a-Thon

Funded an entire school year for 162 UWS students in Nepal

During the spring of 2022, in recognition of the garden projects UWS students conducted in Nepal, Tuxedo Park School's 5th grade science class decided to celebrate spring with a Seed Sale to promote awareness about United World Schools and raise funds. The students decided that to be successful in helping people in their community understand the challenges of the 260 million out-of-school-children in the world and encourage them to buy seeds to support the mission of United World Schools, they would need to do their research about these global issues and share their passion about being a part of the solution. The result of their hard work produced an amazing outcome. These intrepid supporters of education for kids living in remote, marginalized communities in Nepal raised enough funds to send 52 children to school for an entire year!

Having found inspiration from last year’s TPS 5th grade UWS Ambassadors, the 8th grade students in the One Earth Elective Club did their research on the challenges faced by the 260 million out-of-school-children in the world and how United World Schools’ unique model gets at solving this problem with the help of people everywhere. Using their knowledge, students from the One Earth Elective also became United World Schools Student Ambassadors, representing the kids in Nepal they were determined to support.

In the fall of 2022, the One Earth Elective Club launched an all school and alumni Hike-a-Thon and BBQ to celebrate the UWS Nepal students' challenging hikes they make to school every day! The event was so successful that they raised enough funds to send 110 children to school for an entire year!

The impact of these young people's efforts and commitment to supporting global education for out-of-school-children directly improves the lives of children living half way around the world and instills in these young global activists living in the United States an understanding that they have the power to change the world, today. Congratulations Tuxedo Park School.

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