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Kya Na, Teacher


Kya Na, Teacher

Kya Na, the second son among eight siblings, completed his education at Sagaing monastic school, specializing in psychology. In 2019, he joined UWS as a community teacher, serving the Nan Uu village.

Recognizing the importance of building relationships with the community, Kya Na emphasizes effective communication as a means to gain trust and mutual respect. By prioritizing healthy relationships with parents and the community, he establishes a solid foundation for collaboration and support.

Kya Na observed prevalent social challenges within the community, including substance abuse, early marriages, and broken families resulting from immaturity and a lack of education. These circumstances ignited his passion for educating children and empowering them with the knowledge to overcome these challenges.

As a representative of the "အိမ်မက်လှရထား" (Beautiful Dream Train) organization which is situated in Yangon, Kya Na actively supports children from mountainous regions and vulnerable backgrounds. He identifies enthusiastic children who aspire to pursue higher education from various communities and facilitates their enrollment in the organization, providing them with food and lodging.

Kya Na collaborates closely with UWS Myanmar's construction team and the Nan Uu community to successfully complete the construction of a new school in Nan Uu village. The community expresses their gratitude to UWS Myanmar for providing a new school and ensuring a better learning environment for their children.

Kya Na harbors a dream of establishing an education center catering to the neediest children from remote areas. His vision is to offer these children the opportunity to access quality education, thereby empowering them to achieve their full potential.

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