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Rekha, Student


Rekha, Student

Fifteen-year-old Rekha (name changed), who studies in grade eight at UWS Piple Archale, Sankhuwasabha, aspires to become a successful football player in the future. She lives with her father, brother and aunt. Her father is sick and cannot work and because of this, they have been living with her aunt.

Due to her family’s poor financial situation, Rekha works in her field and sometimes in other people’s fields too in her free time. Upon having a hard time juggling her family responsibilities and studies, her attendance shows that she has not been regular to school. Regardless of this, she is a brilliant student who is always eager to learn new things, very social, and friendly. “Rekha is a very bright student. She likes talking to people and is curious about many things. She does not even hesitate to talk to strangers and help them,” said one of her teachers.

“I love learning new things, and I enjoy reading. If I have some free time at my home or during school time, I try my best to get some football practice. I love playing football. It is my dream to become a top football player someday,” she says.

UWS Piple Archale is the nearest school to her home and it takes her up to two hours to reach the school compared to another school which is located at a distance of three and a half hour walk. “It is a good thing that I can save one and half hours to reach school after I joined UWS School, and I can use this time to study,” she says adding “I have been able to attend the school more often, and the facilities that my school provides, motivate me.”

She loves the extracurricular activities conducted in her school, especially the sports activities. “The sports materials available in the school have helped me practice football, which I love the most and it has motivated me even more to chase my dreams,” she says.

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