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Education accelerates poverty reduction, female empowerment, and improved infant mortality. Yet, 258 million children worldwide are out of school.


UWS works to ensure children have access to quality, inclusive education in remote and marginalized communities by collaborating with local partners, communities and governments. We deliver schools, we train teachers and we strengthen education systems. 


Our low-cost, high impact model builds capacity, not dependency. This ensures that education systems continue to flourish beyond our involvement.


Shifting focus from delivering change in the short term, to empowering change for the long term, we go beyond educating the future, to changing it.





The fundraising at ISY was student driven.  Kids had to be creative and innovative. The sports nights and school picnics were great for community building  as everyone got behind this.
—  Educator at International School of Yangon 

UWS School Partnerships

UWS School Partnerships has developed a learning experience that inspires children to connect to their Global Community with Empathy and Compassion.


Our program is designed by educators for educators and students. Please take a tour of our Partner Schools Portal to discover what a Service Learning experience can be when focused on providing education to the world's out-of-school-children.

Using our Learning Resources, students learn about the challenges facing the children of the world who do not have a school to attend AND, how people just like them lean-in to solve the seemingly impossible. 


Through building awareness in their communities about the needs of the children in our UWS schools and leading fundraising projects, students in our Partner Schools develop a global perspective and become active members of a global community.


UWS supplies service learning materials that include K-12 lesson plans, reading, research and video materials as well as fundraising toolkits.


Official Membership in the UWS Partner School Program offers additional benefits (Launching fall 2023):

  • Access to the UWS Partner School “Forum” where schools connect with other partner schools around the world to share ideas, ask questions, celebrate successes and get advice and tips on extending learning or launching a fundraiser for the first time.

  • Detailed news updates from our in-country UWS schools that include engaging people profiles, photos and videos.

  • Fundraising assets including: UWS logos, hi-resolution photos and style guidelines for creating posters and brochures or sophisticated social media campaigns.

  • Most importantly, becoming an official UWS Partner School connects students to a global community of schools dedicated to  changing lives through education.


How We Work to Improve the Lives of Children

Kanchi lives  with her grandmother in the remote mountains of Nepal. She dreamed of one day going to school.

Now, that a United World School has been built in her village, her dreams of getting an education have been realized. 

We are building schools in many remote regions to improve the lives of people who wouldn’t otherwise have access to education.

UWS Timeline

UWS Timeline 2023 Madagascar Smiles.png
Contact Us

Please contact us to learn more about how your students can get involved in helping us build new schools and deliver free, inclusive education to children living in marginalized communities around the world.



45 L Street, SW

Box 70327

Washington DC 20024

Interested in becoming a Partner School? Reach out! We’d like to connect with you.

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Please join us and donate to help educate and change children's futures from a world they have to a world they deserve.

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Thank you for supporting our mission to improve the lives of entire communities through education.

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